Bronx River Parkway Skate 06-05-2011
A beautiful skate through southern Westchester on the traffic-free Bronx River Parkway. It's a curvy, rolling 7-mile stretch of a 4-lane parkway that is reserved for cycling and skating for 4 hours on some Sundays in May, June and September.

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 Ata the Starting Point (Westchester County Center @ White Plains)    Alex, Georgiana, Bob Bower, Alicia, Rick, Leo, Maki, Rob, Paul, Peter, Alan, Claudia, Eric, Blossom (behind Eric), Bob M, Ben, Jair and Val
  Nice creek  Paul Rankin  Bob Mattson   South end point of Car Free BRP near Bronxville  Alicia, Georgiana  Maki, Karen    Alicia, Peter       Curvy rolling hills.   Trail to Kensico Dam.  Kensico Dam  Albanian Festival  Albanian Picnic Food   Picnic @ Kensico Dam