Bronx River Parkway Skate 06-03-2012

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 Jan Crittenden Livingston, Rick Trager, Maki, Leo Lozada Jr, Mike Tillman, Tanya, Eric, Westchester Pete, Jim, Peter Lux, Alicia, Alan Grotheer and Claudia Ferrer

 Eric with Mohauk Hair Style   Pete (Skate Leader), Rick, Eric, Alan, Mike T and Jan at a halfway point  Skate Leader, Pete M. and his memo   Leo, Jim, Pete M, Rick, Eric, Claudia, Alan, Mike T and Jan  Bronxville - Halfway turn point  Alicia, david and Kieran      Three Water Boys :)  Alicia and Kieran  Alan, Leo, Alex and Cathy  Back to the starting point  Eric and Tanya  Steve and Jim  Val       A car has too big tree branch in its trunk   Jim marking a turn  Alicia and Eric chillin'     Pete, today's skate leader, is explaining the upcoming hills  Back to downtown White Plains  Brunch at Viingate Restaurant  Leo, Rick, Ben and Val at Vintage Restaurant  Jan and Mike T