Skate DC Weekend 2010
May 21 through May 23, 2010 in Washington DC. Hosted by "WAR" (The Washington Area Roadskaters).

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 Thomas Square  Leo, Marcia Wang, Jubran Selim      KJ Rabbit  KJ, Al Chernov, Bernadette, Leo   Skating in front of the White House  Pizza head count                   Leo and Jo Reyes are talking about the bike.      The skate ended at the pub, Froggy Bottom.  Total Distance = 11 miles.  Saturday, May 22.  Breakfast at the hotel, Hilton Homewood Suite (1475 Massachusettes Ave).       Lars Hindsley, Marcia Wang, Mike Tillman, Al Chernov, Crystal Taylor, Kaapjoo Park (  Leo, Keith Odie Miller, Gustavo Adolfo Martinez Hidalgo, Tracy Jo Dance, ?, Bill Saunders   DC ICE  Shawn Brown    Hannah Grace, Carl Ford          SAG bike - Thanks, Bill.   SAG bike by Bill.  CP Skate Patroller helps pushing.  Water stop and mini picnic    Ramp to Wilson Bridge   Wilson Bridge over Potomac River  Wilson Bridge   Maryland over the Potomac River  Old Town Alexandria  Lunch at Alexandria  Pentagon   Came back to Licoln Mem.
total Mileage for the skate = 27.4 miles