Inwood Park Skate 6-9-12

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    Zumba  Zumba dancing skater  Solange, Rob, Rich, Maki, Pete, Eriald, Gerbert, Ed, Leo and Eric (not pictured)         To the little red lighthouse  The Little Red Lighthouse under GWB      Superman flying behind Eriald  Superman!       Inwood Park  Inwood Park  ?   181st Bridge, George Washington Bridge extension and High Bridge  Three Bridges over Harlem River Path  Harlem River Path  Harlem River Path   Apollo Theater viewed from Frederick Douglas Blvd/ 125th St. intersection   A Peacock at the  Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine   A front view in full feather spread  The peacock started turning  He keeps turning.  The side view of the peafowl   The back view of the peacock.  Not as colorful as front view.  The show ended.