Rockaways Skate 07-25-09

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  Marc is signing an Empire waiver form.  Mike G who led the skate.           Marine Parkway Gil Hodges Memorial Bridge in distance.
The Marine Parkway Gil Hodges Memorial Bridge was opened by the Marine Parkway Authority in 1937 to provide access to the Rockaway Peninsula, which previously could be reached only by ferry or by a circuitous route around the eastern end of Jamaica Bay. When it was built, the bridge's vertical lift span was the longest in the world. The tapering, curled tops of its towers added a whimsical aspect to the bridge's design.      Belt Parkway
Sometimes cracked shells are found on the road - done by Seagulls.  Alan and Claudia at the Canarsie Pier    Fuhgeddaboudit!                     A Deli Stop             Marine Parkway Bridge in fog       The sky is getting very suspicious looking...  Sheltering for a passing shower...  John Williams showed up!!  John gave some skaters a ride!