Skate DC Weekend 2012
05/18/12 - 05/20/12, hosted by WAR (Washington Area Roadskaters)

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 Jackeline Soto, George Marinkovich, Sue Hipp Yalvac, Leo, Tina Dodge   With Colette Fu and Joan Stanton
  Alicia and Colleen     Friday's Skate Leader, Jackeline      Sunset at Washington Monument     Keith Rama, Jennifer Swalwell    Marc Ostrow, Leo   Sue Hipp Yalvac, Sue, Lars Hindsley, Claudia Marcela Giraldo, Leo and Maki     Saturday morning at the host hotel lobby   Arnav Sonic Shah, Mike, Stephen Lamont, Leo Lozada Jr, Maki Asahina, Robert Henkel, Alicia Barrera, Lars Hindsley, Rich Gerena, Nancy Mansfield, Claudia Marcela Giraldo and Sue Hipp Yalvac  Karen Courtney, Mischa Ruth Greenberg, Michael Zosa and Christophe Le Lan in Washington, District of Columbia.        Skating on a platform     Yards Park- Skating through a waterfall.          Lunch at  the
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