SMS 11-27-11 Williamsburg
Sunday Skate to Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Temarature 60+, Approx distance 17miles

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 Chris, Lucia, Alan, Leo, Steve, Maki Nancy, Martin, Lorraine and Mike T(Front)    Andy Warhol Statue in Union Square    Alicia ran Philly Marathon 2011.  Jane's Carousel in DUMBO (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass )    Mike on Manhattan Bridgge photo shoot spot (a hole in the fense)    Brooklyn Steve, Leo, Maki, Mike T, Alan Grotheer, Nancy Mansfield, Pete M, Lorraine Lyons and Alicia Barrera.     Williamsburg  Williamsburg Northside Piers
 Skaters enjoyeing views of Manhattan from the Pier  Views of Manhattan and helicopters   Lorraine Lyons, Leo Lozada Jr, Maki, Brooklyn Steve, Mike Tillman, Pete M and Alicia Barrera.       59th Street Bridge