SMS 03-18-2012
Three-Bridge-Skate (59th Street Br., Pulaski Br. and Williamsberg Br.) plus South Street Seaport and Battery Park City

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 Toshiro Sasaki, Page Baker, Claudia Marcela Giraldo, Claudia Ferrer, Mike Tillman, Alan Grotheer,Maki, Leo Lozada Jr, Colleen Mntn Clark and Nancy Mansfield.  Love and Peace  Weeeeee       Skaters helping the broken down car blocking at the exit on the Wiliamsburg bridge    Two tough skaters (at least they think they are...)  Sonny playing football with young players at South Street Seaport  Ice cream cone makes everybody smile :-)          Sonny playing basketball with young players  Battery Park City  Claudia, Sonny and Maki