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 sk8ny journal: Jan - Mar 2007

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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Calm Wind

A perfect skating condition is that not too warm, not too cold temparature with calm wind. This is what we've got today.

Skated West Side Path from 11:00 to 13:00 for 12 miles (19 km).

Normally, whichever direction you skate, you get a head wind. This is so c alled Skater's Law. But it did not apply today. There was NO WIND at one point. I took a proof photo.

These are three flags resting on the masts. It is not a perfect picture as for a flag however all skaters would love this one.

:: DATA ::
Skates: Canariam Platino + Maple Diamond 805 + HyperG + 688
Route: West Side Path
Mileage: 19km
Weather: Temp. 53F (+11 C). Winds Calm (-), Events Clear, Humidity 25%.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Sunday Morning Skate (SMS)

The first Sunday Morning Skate of the season.

About 20 skaters were gathered and enjoyed start-of-the-season skate with a relaxed pace.

Columbus Circle at 59th to Madison to 135st then 155st then cut to Bronx River. Skated down to Manhattan.

SMS Pictures

:: DATA ::
Skates: Salomon Vitesse 3
Route: Streets of Manhattan, Bronx
Mileage: 22km
Weather: Temp. 48F (+9 C). Winds 6 miles/ 9.6 km (Various), Events Overcast then Clear, Humidity 56%.

Thursday, January 4, 2007

Max Speed 82.9km !?

Skated with GPS on. Recording trip data such as speed, distance etc is really fun.

Skated West Side Path after work for 6.32 miles (10.1 km).

According to GPS record, max speed was 51.8mph (82km). I know I cannot skate that fast. Nobody can skate so fast. Actually, the reading is correct. I was waearing the unit on my right wrist and I swang my arms when I accelerated. Thus the unit thought that mortion as speed. Well, still I did not realized I moved my arm so fast...

It was another unseasonably warm night.

:: DATA ::
Skates: Canariam Platino + Arco 845 + HyperG + 608
Route: West Side Path
Mileage: 10.1km
Weather: Temp. 55F (+12.8 C). Winds 9.2mph (SW), Events Clear, Humidity 51%.

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