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 sk8ny journal: april - june 2007

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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Sunday Morning Skate

Had a great Sunday Morning Skate (SMS) again.

On a nice warm sunny day, with a pleasant breeze, excellent route, great skaters (about 25) and wonderful food - we got all of them!

Columbus Circle - 59th Bridge - Queens - Flushing Meadows/Corona Park - Bohemian Hall & Restaurant (Astoria) - 24th Street - 59th Bridge - Columbus Circle

More Photos

:: DATA ::
Skates: Salomon Vitesse 3
Route: Queens
Mileage: 40km
Weather: Temp. 75F (+24 C). Winds 10 miles/ 16 km (Various), Events Clear, Humidity 15%.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Boen 326

New frames, BOEN 326, have arrived.

Mount them to CanarIam boots and skated for TER (Thursday Evening Roll) Season Premire.

They are very nice. So light and stiff. Enjoyed fast and comfortable ride.

:: DATA ::
Skates: CanarIam Platino + Boen 326 + HyperG 80/85 + ILQ9 608
Route: Central Park Loop
Mileage: 10km
Weather: Temp. 61F (+16 C). Winds Calm, Events Clear, Humidity 35%.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Skate DC

Joined 'Skate DC Weekend' (May 11 to 13, 2007).

It was a lot of fun to skate by seeing familar landmarks such as White House, Capitol House, Jefferson Memorial, Lincoln Memorial. The condition of pavement was very good in DC so that we enjoyed real smooth ride.

There were probably approx. 100 pax.

More Photos

:: DATA ::
Skates: Power Slide R4 + Mogema M55 80 + Team Labeda
Route: DC
Mileage: 25km
Weather: Temp. 76F (+24 C). Winds 7 mph / 12 km/h (Various), Events Clear + evening shower, Humidity 60%.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

NY Times Article

Empire Skate Club's Thursday Evening Roll (TER) is in NY Times - 'UrbanEye' email.

--- QT ---

Public Efforts

There are nearly as many New York Sports Clubs as Starbucks, but why do your sweating indoors? Among the cityfs countless options for outdoor exercise, roller skating aficionados will take a glide around Central Park tonight. Join them, then head to a gskate-friendlyh bar afterward. Or do some outdoor yoga - on the grass in Bryant Park or on a rooftop at sunset in Times Square. See? You can sweat anywhere, not just at the gym (or in the subway).

Skating, meet at 6:45 p.m. at Columbus Circle; free. Call the SkatePhone - (212) 774-1774, ext. 2 - in case of iffy weather.

--- UQT ---

But it started raining little before 7PM as if the sky was waiting for the beginning of TER...

:: DATA ::
Skates: none
Route: none
Mileage: 0km
Weather: Temp. 80F (+27 C). Winds 5 miles/ 8 km (Various), Events RAIN, Humidity 86%.

Saturday, June 30, 2007

Skate 'n' Lunch

Skated to downtown and picked up a falafel sandwitch and ate at the pier near the Christopher Street.

One of the best way to spend a weekend lunch time.

The weather was unbelievably great. It was not seasonable rahter nice and cool and less humid, yet a plenty of sunshine. I would like to live a place where the weather is always like this.

:: DATA ::
Skates: CnarIam Platino + Boen 326 + HyperG 8085 with 608
Route: West Side Path
Mileage: 20km
Weather: Temp. 77F (+25 C). Winds 3.5 mph / 5.6 km/h (Various), Events Clear, Humidity 32%.

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