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Saturday, April 5, 2008
First Spring Skate

It turned out to real nice day. The temperature hit 60F (15.5C).

Consequently it was the first day skating with bare legs. It was so nice skating with lighter clothes, despite I needed to fight with a strong head wind on a north bound.

:: DATA ::
Skates: CnarIam Apollo + K2 Three Hundred + Hyper Stripe 100mm84a + Bank Robber 84mm84a w/ 608
Route: WEst Side Path
Mileage: 13km
Weather: Temp. 55F (+13 C). Winds 13 mph / 21 km/h (WNW), Events Clear, Humidity 53%.

Saturday, June 28, 2008
Connecticut Beach Skate

CT Beach Skate
Enjoyed Connecticut Beach & Country Skate along the Westport, Southport & Fairfield shore.

Nice weather, good turnout of great fellow skaters, wonderful route and fun time at the beach.

This annual skate is lead by Emily and Victor. Thanks.

:: DATA ::
Skates: Salomon Vitesse 3
Route: Westport - Connecticut Beach
Mileage: 35km (22 miles)
Weather: Temp. 83F (+29 C). Winds 9 mph / 14 km/h (SSW), Events Clear, Humidity 65%.

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